Skout Is A Perfect Way For A Busy College Student To Meet New People!

I am pre-law and I do not have a lot of time to socialize because I am always In class, studying, or I am at work. Thanks to Skout I am never lonely any more! With over 100 million members worldwide in the Skout community, there is always someone new to meet. I save so much money because I don’t have to go out to clubs to meet new and exciting people. This is important when one needs to watch every penny so that he can attend college and law school.

I have met several girls in person that I found on Skout. My dating life has never been better. I am too busy to be tied down in a relationship but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Skout makes it so easy to find a date. Everyone I meet is like-minded and eager to meet a new friend. I never have to go out alone and I always have a date thanks to this app.

I really love the “Shake To Chat” feature that is unique to Skout. It’s completely addicting! I just shake my phone and the app connects me with a random member. They could be from anywhere in the word. Places like: Ireland, Russia, Italy, or even the Bahamas. I am actually friends with a pretty girl named Molly in Ireland and we plan to meet in person when I travel to the UK next Spring break.

All of Skout’s features, such as likes, comments, virtual gifts, and backstage photos, make interacting with others so easy—even with complete strangers! It’s layout is very similar to the other Social Networks so you will be familiar with everything the second that you sign in.

You can use Skout’s GPS to find other users that are near you. This makes clubs, concerts, and other events so much more fun. Imagine being at a baseball game and witnessing a home run. Seriously, you could say, “Did you see that?” and any other Skout member could say, “Yes I did; and, I am right over here. Hi!” And, you’ve just made a new friend in person who also likes baseball as much as you do.

I love finding other users with similar interests all across the world. I am a Chess enthusiast and I love playing other Chess players from different countries—especially Russia! I actually speak Russian and Skout supports that language and many more.

Another feature that I love about this app is that it separates the adults from the kids. This is great and it assures Skout members that they will only meet people they have common interests with.

I could go on and on about this app but I have to get back to my law studies so that I can go to the movies tonight with Gina, Tori, and Jimmy, my new circle of friends. And yes, I met all three right there on Skout.

Download this app and get yourself a life right now!

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Brian Bonar: Finance, Sales, And Management Expert

When it comes to finance, Brian Bonar is a man in the know. After graduating from Glasgow, Scotland’s Strathclyde University with a BSC in Mechanical Engineering and earning an MBA along with a PhD in International Business Development from England’s Stafford University, Bonar hit the world of work with a vengeance. He began his professional career at IBM UK Limited where he spent 16 years working as a procurement manager. At IBM his job included outsourcing mother boards for a number of different types of IBM personal computers.

Once he left IBM, Bonar became involved in leadership positions in a number of other companies. He was Executive Director of Engineering for QMS Inc. for 4 years, Sales and Marketing vice president at Rastek Corp., and Adaptec Inc.’s Worldwide Sales Manager. Bonar followed that up with a stint at Dalrada Financial Corp. that has lasted 16 years. At Dalrada he moved through the ranks holding positions including director of technology sales, vice president of sales and marketing, acting CFO, COO, executive vice president, and finally executive chairman and CEO.

Brian Bonar (ModernLuxury) has also used his management skills to help a number of other companies. He was the CEO of the Solvis Group Inc., CEO and principal accounting officer of Warning Management Services Inc., acting CEO and CFO of Amanda Co. Inc., and Chairman, CEO, president, treasurer, secretary, and CFO of Trucept Inc., formally known as Smart-Tek. The amazing thing is that Bonar has held many of these positions simultaneously and has helped all the companies with which he has worked to excel. He is so well respected in the UK, he was given the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick.

What sets Brian Bonar apart is the wide range of excellent skills he possesses. He is a master at handling start-ups, sales, new business development, marketing strategy, lead generation, sourcing, and venture capital. He has also shown remarkable skill in turn around management, process improvement, employee relations, recruitment, restructuring, finance, private equity, venture capital, and mergers & acquisitions. Those skills make him in great demand for new companies, established companies, and companies that are trying to improve their systems and organization.

Brian Bonar’s work is well known throughout Europe, UK, Asia and the USA and even in places like Mexico and the Czech Republic. He has long been a valuable asset in high growth companies. He has had stunning success in both the private and public sector. But using his financial acumen and all around superb business skills to build companies is not enough for Brian Bonar. He now also lends his skills to help organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego and other community-based organizations.

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Handy Cleaning Services Reaches $1 Million In Revenue Per Week

Handy is a professional home-cleaning service that was founded in 2012 by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. The company has done quite well since its inception and is slated to bring in $1 million in bookings per week. Dua, also the company’s CEO, credits the company’s astronomical jump in revenue to the newly introduced mobile app.

Both men got the idea of starting up a cleaning service while attending Harvard Business school. Hanrahan says since he was not good at DIY and had a hard time finding people to fix things at an affordable price, he thought this service would ideal. All a person has to do is fill out a short application and receive a quote. They can either accept or decline it. There are no high-pressure tactics and no obligation.

Customers who need the job done can schedule a time and a licensed professional will arrive. Service professionals looking for work can also set up an account. They have the ability to go in and pick the jobs that interest them. All jobs come at a first come, first serve basis. Handy receives a 20% commission for all jobs completed.

Unlike many low-paying office/house cleaning services, Handy pays its workers anywhere between $15 and $22 per hour. The company is extremely flexible and workers can pick your own hours. In the last few months, owners were attempting to find a way to increase income. “It was a pleasant surprise to say the least,” says Dua.

The idea of booking a cleaning service through a mobile app is something that is catching on quickly. All clients go through rigorous background checks and thoroughly vetted — as are the employers. Handy offers both cleaning and handyman services. So, if you need your home cleaned in a hurry have clogged sink or broken pipe, Handy will be there within minutes. Other services include interior painting, moving and furniture assembly.

Handy guarantees fast 24 hour service, affordable pricing and a 100% money-back guarantee. About 80% of Handy’s revenue comes from home cleaning; plumbing and handyman services makes up rest. As of 2015, Handy operated in 25 American cities and two in Canada and London. Company perks make Handy a very popular employer. The company has screened over 200,000 applications.

Both Hanrahan and Hua say the sky’s the limit. They feel in due time they can turn into a billion dollar company.

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Handy and Ahead of the Game

The test phase for digital service apps is now passed, it is a new generation. These apps continue to help me a lot. Before the digital revolution, I had no idea how I would go to college, but since certain advancements, I have plenty of methods for finding work that is constant yet malleable. By malleable, I mean I can mold the work opportunities to fit my schedule and still optimize getting hours. Again, it is because for me, it fits my situation so well. I use apps to get around the city and check reviews, so it is not weird that I found an app that I can make some good money with. Without money in college, a life is pretty hard to have, so I have no problem working.

The app is called Handy, and it is a swiftly emerging, personal cleaning app. By cleaning, I mean like cleaning residences, office buildings and basically anything that the client wants you to clean. I even clean dormitory rooms. It is almost my own exclusive niche because the app is really popular among college students to get their places clean and to make money by accepting cleaning jobs. It really beats working stiff jobs on campus or at some mall. Additionally, it means that I am an entrepreneur in college, and it provides for me. It is good for my resume, but it also has enlightened me about being a professional while also being self-employed.

The app works because the better you are at the job, the better ratings that the cleaning person gets, and this means more money per job, and the ability to choose the types of jobs that you want. I have evenings off from school so that is when I am active. I have done multiple jobs, and my ratings are steadily increasing. Sometimes it is all I can focus on, but that is okay considering some of the things that college kids do to pass the time. More responsibilities means that I have to be more of an adult, and how to pay the bills is always a question that is on my mind. However, I now know what I can do about the bills thanks to Handy.

Before I could afford a car, I used Uber to get some of my less personal jobs. It would wig people out if I showed up to a residential cleaning job in an Uber car, but it worked for the office cleaning jobs that I had or when I was meeting someone to double team on a job. However, the Handy opportunity afforded me a car when any plans that I had for college prior to finding this app did not include a car. I saw some guys taking the little tabs off of a flyer with a job opportunity. I chuckled to myself because this app has me so far ahead of the game. It will forever be a part of my college experience.

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FreedomPop Raises $30 Million

FreedomPop is a mobile service provider on techcrunch that strives to not only offer customers with inexpensive products and service plans, but actually free plans. The free plans are small, around 300 minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data, but for free, it is a way for the company to grab attention from the larger mobile phone providers and to get its foot in the door. For customers who want more data, minutes and texts, all they need to do is pay a small fee for the upgrade, all of which is far less expensive than what anyone pays for their standard mobile service plan. In order to provide free service though, FreedomPop does need to raise money somehow.

The company obtains money by fundraising it. The data and other services are not granted for free to the company. It buys it for a wholesale cost through Sprint. In order to expand its infrastructure and continue offering the product to other consumers, the company has been relying on fundraising options. It does make some money by selling the small data and service allotment increases, but for the most part, it does not have a budget at all for making money. That is why the recent $30 million in fundraising is extremely important.

With more and more consumers checking out FreedomPop, which does not require a contract like the majority of service providers, it is expected for the company to see revenue increase to $50 million in 2015 alone. The company has started to make such a splash that other, larger companies have taken notice. Some companies have attempted to purchase the company, but it continues to end any sort of merger talks and it has pushed forward in offering quality services.

Mobile service providers are continuously attempting to buy other companies. both AT&T and Sprint attempted to purchased T-Mobile, but both fell through (although now Comcast is looking at buying T-Mobile, although with how well T-Mobile is doing in the marketplace, this is likely not going to occur either).

FreedomPop has made it difficult for larger companies to increase profit margin. This is because consumers see how it is possible to obtain services for next to nothing or, in the case of FreedomPop, for free. This requires the larger companies to take note of FreedomPop and attempt to compete with them. This likely is going to become a much larger problem for these bigger companies.

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Why shouldn’t I create an article about myself?

Contributing to Wikipedia is one of the most rewarding experiences on the internet today. Years ago, Wikipedia was established in order to help gather the world’s knowledge in a place that would be readily accessible to all people. This site has grown consistently since it’s founding, and today Wikipedia is one of the largest sources of information on the internet today. Contributing to Wikipedia is a simple process, and many people in academia, as well as other critical professions, contribute to the site as their main hobby. Over the course of your Wikipedia contribution career, there are many temptations that might come your way, but the biggest temptation of all is to make a Wikipedia business page about yourself.
Contributing a Wikipedia page about yourself can appear to be an extremely rewarding experience. For one, it helps to stroke your ego, because even though Wikipedia contains millions of articles, only a limited number of people have a Wikipedia page about themselves. You may feel that you have made numerous contributions to society, and that your contributions deserve to be remembered. While the reasons for creating your own Wikipedia page are numerous, it is likely that you actually should not create a page about yourself.
Before you start writing a Wikipedia page about yourself, you should first remember that Wikipedia has a neutral viewpoint policy. This policy states that every article on Wikipedia should portray the subject matter in a neutral light. What this means for you is that if you create a wikipedia page about yourself, then it will have to include the good and the bad about you. Anything that has ever gone wrong for you in your life, can, and eventually will, show up on your Wikipedia page. Many normal people do not want all of the bad things that have occurred in their life to show up on Wikipedia. So before you make a Wikipedia page about yourself, consider what aspects of your life you would want to come to the forefront.
It is also important to remember that Wikipedia is seeking to provide important information to people. Are details of your life important, or would they be fluff material? While everyone is important, it is critical to assess whether or not your life is important enough to mention on Wikipedia.
Overall, while it may seem like a good idea to create a Wikipedia page about yourself, there is a very good chance that doing so probably is not a good idea. Consider your choices on Wikipedia carefully before you make a page.

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New Horizons

In 2015, if you are like most people, you can probably name at least four dating sites on your mobile phone. They seem to pop up overnight. The problem is that if you scroll through, more times than not, you will find the exact same people on that site.

Skout was one of the very first mobile dating and social networking sites. As of 2013, Skout had reportedly made over 500 millions connections worldwide.

Skout uses the user’s GPS tracking system to help users find other users who are in a close proxinity. The actual physical location is never disclosed. Users are also able to opt out of this feature. Skout only enables GPS for adult users as a means of helping to protect minors.

With Skout, you can search other user’s profiles, as well as see their recent activities. Instant messsging is available with Skout, and you can also send virtual gifts if someone tickles your fancy.

Currently, Skout is available in 14 different languages in 180 countries. Keep in mind that Skout Travel is a feature that needs to be paid for, but to search and connect is always free.

Regardless of where you travel, you are able to connect with people Who are close to you. Skout gives you the ability make new friends and experience different cultures with simply a click of the phone. All you need to do is set your parameters of what you are looking to find. Make sure your GPS is enabled in your settings. You are able to search people around you, as well as places you may want to go if you happen to be on a vacation. Skout makes it super easy to get in touch with locals and find the best places to eat, drink or listen to music.

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