New Horizons

In 2015, if you are like most people, you can probably name at least four dating sites on your mobile phone. They seem to pop up overnight. The problem is that if you scroll through, more times than not, you will find the exact same people on that site.

Skout was one of the very first mobile dating and social networking sites. As of 2013, Skout had reportedly made over 500 millions connections worldwide.

Skout uses the user’s GPS tracking system to help users find other users who are in a close proxinity. The actual physical location is never disclosed. Users are also able to opt out of this feature. Skout only enables GPS for adult users as a means of helping to protect minors.

With Skout, you can search other user’s profiles, as well as see their recent activities. Instant messsging is available with Skout, and you can also send virtual gifts if someone tickles your fancy.

Currently, Skout is available in 14 different languages in 180 countries. Keep in mind that Skout Travel is a feature that needs to be paid for, but to search and connect is always free.

Regardless of where you travel, you are able to connect with people Who are close to you. Skout gives you the ability make new friends and experience different cultures with simply a click of the phone. All you need to do is set your parameters of what you are looking to find. Make sure your GPS is enabled in your settings. You are able to search people around you, as well as places you may want to go if you happen to be on a vacation. Skout makes it super easy to get in touch with locals and find the best places to eat, drink or listen to music.

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